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Next step to Extreme Pizza Franchise

1. Franchise candidate receives and reviews Extreme Pizza's franchise information and returns the completed confidential application to the Extreme Pizza Head Quarters at 1062 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

2. Franchise development representative reviews application.

3. A "Discovery Day" is set up with qualified candidates in San Francisco, CA

4. A questionnaire is completed by the franchise applicant. A background check and credit history report is obtained by Extreme Pizza's corporate office and reviewed.

5. Franchise review committee notifies candidate that they are approved or denied.

6. A Franchise Agreement is sent to the approved candidate to be signed, at which time, the $30,000 franchise fee is paid in full.

7. All potential sites are submitted by the franchisee to Extreme Pizza for approval, we will also be working on sites.

8. Extreme Pizza does an initial store layout. You follow the process that Extreme Pizza has prepared for buildout and new unit construction.

9. The approved franchisee attends training and orientation in San Francisco, CA for 4 weeks and then will receive an additional two weeks of training at their location

10. Final inspection (minimum 3 days prior to opening).

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